Teeth-in-an-Hour Can Immediately Restore Oral Form & Function

If you are missing teeth, you have several restorative treatments to choose from. Dental implants at NY Center for Esthetic and Implant Dentistry are a highly effective solution. The metal posts replace lost tooth roots to uphold a permanent restoration. However, if you are considering implants, you may be concerned about the recovery process.

Fortunately, Dr. David J. Poiman offers advanced Teeth-in-an-Hour at his Manhattan, NY, practice. If you qualify for this treatment, he can place dental implants and attach a stable restoration in a single appointment. You can enjoy near-complete dental function as soon as you leave the office.

Are You a Candidate for Teeth-in-an-Hour?

Dr. Poiman typically only provides Teeth-in-an-Hour for patients needing a full-arch restoration. To qualify for any type of dental implants treatment, it is important to have a strong jawbone. Dr. Poiman will use x-rays and digital scans to examine your jaw to determine whether you have enough bone volume for implants. He will also consider your overall medical and dental health history. Gum disease, an autoimmune disorder, a blood disease, or a related condition may affect your eligibility for implants.

Placement Process

If you qualify for treatment, Dr. Poiman will perform a precise oral surgery. Before the procedure, he will numb your gums and jawbone. Then he will place the implants in your jaw through small incisions in your gums. He uses advanced computer-guided systems to place implants in the most precise, strongest areas of your jaw. Once your implant posts are in place, Dr. Poiman can attach your custom restoration to the tops of the posts.

What to Expect

Right after your surgery, you may experience some sensitivity. You may need to eat a soft diet for a little while to avoid irritating the incision sites. However, discomfort should fade within a few days. A full recovery will usually take about three months. During this healing period, your jawbone will integrate with your implants, and the metal posts will replace your tooth roots. After you have fully recovered, you will have another appointment with Dr. Poiman. At this time, he will attach a permanent restoration to your implants.
“With these restorations, you will not have to wear an uncomfortable or loose temporary denture.”
Teeth-in-an-Hour can provide you with a fully restored smile the same day as your dental implants surgery.

How Can Teeth-in-an-Hour Benefit You?

Teeth-in-an-Hour offer all of the same life-changing benefits as standard dental implants. Like traditional posts, they are permanent, and your restoration will never slip out of place. Dental implants will prevent jawbone recession and future tooth loss. In addition, the implant-supported restoration will look almost exactly like your natural teeth.

At the same time, Teeth-in-an-Hour provide additional advantages. With these restorations, you will not have to wear an uncomfortable or loose temporary denture. Instead, you will leave the office with a stunningly lifelike restoration that will allow you to eat and speak normally. This restorative treatment can provide you with convenient, quick improvement in your confidence and quality of life.

Find the Right Treatment

Teeth-in-an-Hour can provide immediate, lasting results. To find out if you are a candidate for this advanced procedure, contact NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry today.

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