Experience the Convenience and Precision of Same-day Crowns

David N. Poiman, DDS, and the team here at NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry utilize CEREC® technology to design and create same-day crowns for our patients in Manhattan, NY. CEREC®, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is an important part of our full suite of advanced dental technology. The system allows us to provide convenient and precise dental crowns, and gives us complete control over the final restoration. Without same-day crowns, patients typically need to be fitted with an uncomfortable and unreliable temporary restoration. CEREC® technology allows us to eliminate the need for temporary restorations, and provides a higher level of precision than most traditional methods.

How We Design and Create Same-day Crowns

Following an initial consultation, we can complete restorative work on your tooth and secure a dental crown all in one day. We begin treatment by taking digital dental impressions with CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology. These digital impressions create a three-dimensional image of your smile that Dr. Poiman uses to start designing your new restoration. We input this data into the CEREC® machine, which begins creating your restoration based on the digital model Dr. Poiman has designed.
“Same day crowns are particularly useful for dental implants procedures, as they can allow us to provide both post and restoration placement in just one visit.”
Dr. Poiman will prepare the tooth surface for the crown to be placed. Then he will carefully set the restoration to ensure a comfortable fit and adhere it securely to your tooth. Our on-site laboratory also allows us to make any necessary adjustments to your restoration in just minutes.

We Use Ceramic Porcelain for Our Same-day Crowns

Ceramic porcelain is a beautiful and lifelike dental restoration material. The CEREC® machine specifically crafts your porcelain crown to fit precisely and have smooth surfaces. Dr. Poiman sometimes polishes the ceramic porcelain manually before placement, which can add a degree of shine to your new restoration.

We also offer same-day crowns in a variety of shades to match your natural teeth. Many patients choose to add teeth whitening to their dental crown procedure, which means they can select a lighter restoration to match. Dr. Poiman offers teeth-whitening treatment at his practice as well as professional-strength take-home kits.
CEREC® is an all-in-one system that allows Dr. Poiman to design and fabricate your dental crown in our office, during one visit.

Same Day Crowns Can Be Used for a Variety of Procedures

Many restorative dentistry procedures can be made faster and more efficient with the benefits of same-day crowns. A few of the restorative procedures we pair with same-day crowns include:
Same-day crowns are particularly useful for dental implant procedures, as they can allow us to provide both post and restoration placement in just one visit. With traditional methods, dental implant patients wear a temporary restoration over a several-month recovery process. Not all patients qualify for this fast and effective treatment option. Dr. Poiman can tell you if same-day crowns are a good fit for your dental implants treatment.

Discover the Benefits for Yourself

We are proud to offer the convenience and precision of same-day crowns. If you are interested in this advanced treatment, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Poiman.

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