Laser Dentistry: Minimal Discomfort and Recovery Time

Laser dentistry can provide you with the latest in dental care, eliminating much of the discomfort and recovery time associated with traditional treatment methods. Dr. David J. Poiman uses state-of-the-art laser dentistry technology at his Manhattan, NY, practice.

At NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry, we use the highly advanced WaterLase laser, as well as the LightWalker® and DIAGNOdent laser systems. With these tools, Dr. Poiman can perform a number of hard and soft tissue procedures. These include cosmetic gum contouring, checking for cavities, and prepping your teeth for dental restorations. Dr. Poiman also offers the LANAP® procedure to address periodontal disease and receding gums.
Dental lasers like the BIOLASE® Waterlase can provide more efficient, precise treatment for less discomfort and shorter recovery periods.

What Are Dental Lasers?

The BIOLASE® Waterlase laser is one of the most versatile dental tools. Combining laser energy with the power of air and water, the device can eliminate very small amounts of tissue. Because your teeth and gums are largely made up of water, the water molecules from the laser will penetrate through your tissues with almost no friction. In addition, the air and water will keep the surrounding tissues cool during your treatment. We also use the LightWalker® laser, which is equipped with special pulse technology for incredible precision. Dr. Poiman will use this tool primarily for hard tissue treatments.

With no injections or sedatives, laser treatments are often much faster than traditional techniques.

Our office also uses of the DIAGNOdent laser system. This innovative technology allows us to discover cavities in their earliest stages. We can provide effective treatment before you require more extensive restorative procedures.

Using the advanced LightWalker® laser, Dr. Poiman can provide more conservative, pain-free treatment.

Laser Dentistry Procedures

Dr. Poiman can use lasers to perform a range of procedures, including:
  • Crown lengthening: If you have a tooth that has broken at or near the gum line, we can remove small amounts of gum and bone tissue to allow better placement of a crown.
  • Tooth reshaping: If you have slightly irregular teeth, Dr. Poiman can use a laser to trim your dental enamel. This procedure can create a more even smile, and can resize disproportionately large teeth.
  • Cosmetic gum contouring: Similarly, your dentist can use WaterLase to reshape your gums. If you have a gummy smile or a crooked gum line, you may qualify for this treatment.
Periodontal care and preparing teeth for the placement of restorations are two additional areas that we utilize laser therapy.

Advanced Periodontal Care

In addition to other innovative treatments, dental lasers can provide vital periodontal treatment. LANAP® (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) is an advanced method of treating gum disease. During the LANAP® procedure, Dr. Poiman will insert a small laser fiber between your teeth and gums. The energy will eradicate bacteria, allowing your gums to regrow and attach to your healthy teeth once more

Preparing for Restoration Placement

When you visit our office for a crown, bridge, veneers, or a similar treatment, Dr. Poiman will need to reshape your teeth first. Using state-of-the-art dental lasers, he can complete this process quickly and with negligible discomfort. This process will enable him to remove bacteria and decayed tissue. At the same time, he can make room for the restorations so that they do not protrude unnaturally from your teeth. He will also create a stronger base so that your restoration is likely to last for many years. High power laser energy will vaporize the unwanted tissues in seconds. The tools are very precise. Therefore, the preparation process will be conservative, and Dr. Poiman can remove the smallest amount of tissue possible.

After prepping your tooth, the dentist will take impressions. The lab or our CEREC® machine will create your restorations based on these models. Once they are finished, and you are satisfied with their fit and appearance, Dr. Poiman will attach them to your teeth.
Dr. Poiman uses a variety of technologies, including the BIOLASE® Waterlase Laser, CEREC® CAD/CAM Technology, and PerioLase to provide advanced dental treatment for his patients.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Lasers are an essential part of our practice, providing significant advantages over traditional treatments, such as:

  • Lasers are so precise that there is often no need for local anesthesia. In addition, Dr. Poiman can remove very conservative amounts of tissues to achieve highly personalized results.
  • With no injections or sedatives, laser treatments are often much faster than traditional techniques.
  • This technology can thoroughly eradicate bacteria and preserve the healthy areas of your gums.
  • Lasers do not produce jarring vibrations, friction, heat, or noise. Your care can be more comfortable, and you will face a lower risk of teeth cracking or other structural damage.
  • The laser will seal off your soft tissues as it works. You should experience very little bleeding and no need for sutures. Recovery should be faster, as well, and you can face a lowered risk of infection.


Expertise and Advanced Technology

Not all dentists are qualified to use the latest tools and dental techniques. With Dr. Poiman, however, you will be in expert hands. He has undergone hundreds of hours of continuing education, including classes in laser dentistry. Thanks to this training, is a proud member of the World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI). He has also received a Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Poiman does not limit his use of technology to the preparatory process. He will employ advanced tools during every step of your treatment. For example, whenever possible, he will use CEREC® technology to create same-day dental restorations. This system will take digital impressions of your tooth. Then the milling machine will carve incredibly precise crowns, bridges, and veneers from ultramodern dental porcelain. Thanks to our combined technology, your entire treatment could take place in one quick appointment.

Minimal-discomfort Care

Dr. Poiman stays up-to-date with the most recent innovations in dentistry, and is skilled in treatment with dental lasers. Dental lasers can help you receive far more comfortable care with shorter recover periods than ever before. To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry and to experience this advanced technology for yourself, contact our office today.

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