Experience the Benefits of a Dental Implant-Supported Crown

If you are missing a single tooth, a dental implant-supported crown can restore the appearance and function of your smile. At the NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry in Manhattan, NYDr. David J. Poiman can provide implant-supported crowns in the span of a single office visit. For the right candidates, this option offers significant advantages over a dental bridge, including the preservation of healthy jawbone and dental tissue. Dr. Poiman can perform every stage of your implant treatment plan, from the placement of the implant to the attachment of your custom dental crown.

Dental implant-supported crowns are an ideal single tooth replacement solution.

Complete Replacement from Root to Crown

Traditional crowns are intended to restore teeth that are compromised by decay or trauma. However, when a tooth is lost, crowns can be used with dental implants for a complete tooth replacement solution. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are embedded into the jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. When combined with a crown, an implant can provide an incredibly stable and lifelike result, allowing your restoration to blend seamlessly into your smile.

The Implant Advantage

Before dental implants, the only solution for a single missing tooth was a traditional dental bridge. However, implant-supported crowns offer many advantages over bridges. The main benefit is the preservation of healthy natural tissue. When a tooth is lost, resources are rerouted to other parts of the body, causing the bone tissue to deteriorate. Traditional bridges do not protect against this process. Implants are the only tooth restoration method that prevents the jawbone atrophy associated with tooth loss.

An implant-supported crown also eliminates the need to alter healthy teeth. Since traditional bridges require the placement of dental crowns, the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile must be reshaped by removing a significant amount of healthy dental tissue. Whenever possible, preservation of healthy tissue is the best approach, making implant-supported crowns the superior option in many cases.
For qualifying patients, Dr. Poiman can perform implant placement surgery as well as create and place a dental crown all in a single office visit.
However, an implant-supported crown is not the right treatment for every patient. If you are a smoker desiring an immediate solution, or if you have an autoimmune disorder that may compromise the success of implant integration, a traditional bridge may be a better option. Dr. Poiman can explain your options during a consultation.

A Fast, Convenient Option

At the NY Center for Esthetic and Laser Dentistry, we have invested in advanced CEREC® technology that allows us to create restorations in our office. For qualifying patients, Dr. Poiman can perform implant placement surgery as well as create and place a dental crown all in a single office visit. If you have recently broken or lost a tooth and are not a candidate for a root canal or traditional crown, we can restore your smile quickly and efficiently so you do not have to suffer from the side effects of tooth loss, such as shifting teeth or jawbone deterioration. In other offices, you may need to wait months between implant placement and restoration, often requiring the use of temporary restorations that can add to the overall treatment cost. We have streamlined your implant treatment by bringing every stage under the same roof. Our commitment to advanced technology allows us to offer procedures such as Teeth-in-an-Hour and same-day crowns.

Invest in Your Oral Health

Implant-supported crowns are typically more expensive than a traditional bridge. However, they also protect your long-term oral health and can prevent further tooth loss as well as the need for costly procedures in the future, such as bone grafts. While dental implants are rarely covered by insurance, crowns often are. Dr. Poiman also offers financing to help you cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Restore Your Smile

An implant-supported crown is the next best thing to having a healthy, natural tooth. If you have recently lost or broken a tooth, call our office as soon as possible at (212) 371-1414. You can also contact us online to find out more about implant-supported crowns as well as the other restorative options we offer.

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